The Mason Punchers have had a very long history of winning and championships.  We are continuing this great history that began in 1915.  We are beginning our second century of Puncher Football.
varsity team  
Mason Puncher 2016 Varsity Team
jv team  
Mason Puncher 2016 Junior Varsity Team 
The Puncher Club serves watermelon to the football teams after football practice.  Thanks Puncher Club for all your support for our Punchers! 
football practice              football practice
football practice  

Fun Puncher Facts Over the Years

1. In 1930, we beat Burnet 118-0.

2. In 1923, we beat Fredericksburg 72-0.

3. In 1968, we beat Eden 80-0.

4. In 1971, we beat Bangs 62-0.

5. In 1989, we beat Junction 59-0.

6. In 1930, we played 7 games and scored 309 points, averaging 44.1/game.

7. In 2011, we played 15 games and scored 771 points, averaging 51.4/game.

8. In 1930, there were only 12 points scored against Mason in their 7 games.

9. In 1941, there were only 39 points scored against Mason in their 10 games.

10.  The first year on record that Mason had a football team compete was 1915.