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Coach Cade Smith

Cade Smith Coaching History  

-14 years of coaching.
-11 years in San Angelo, 3 years in Mason.
Fun Facts
-Mason was my first team to win state.
-I coach with my younger sister Salah.
-I played for Mason in high school.


 All UIL competition should be an integral part of the overall educational mission for each student. The commitment for excellence in any field of competition is the same commitment that each student should demonstrate in every walk of life. Students should learn that dedication, sacrifice, and hard work are necessary ingredients to performing any task that will lead to the attainment of a valued goal or life objective. 

It is not the attainment of those goals that give birth to a positive work attitude, but, indeed, the positive work attitude that gives birth to success. All competition does is to provide opportunities for students to set goals, dedicate themselves, and then put themselves in the “heat of battle”. Therefore, I feel the goal for all UIL competition is to develop the work ethics necessary to prepare, the pride in doing one’s best, and never allowing the fear of failure to prevent them from putting forth their best effort. Success is the byproduct of this attitude and UIL competition is simply the showcase.