Mason ISD

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Mason High School


Chris Habecker
Principal Mason High School
325.347.1122 ext 223
Melany Canfield 
Counselor Mason High School 
325.347.1122 ext 224
Office Staff Contacts
Dean of Students:
Cade Smith
325.347.1122 ext 274
Lauren Westbrook
325.347.1122 ext 221
PEIMS Clerk:
Marissa Carter
325.347.1122 ext 225

Monday B Day: DEIC Meeting (12:00-1:00)

Tuesday A Day: Apply Texas Night

Wednesday B Day:

Thursday A Day: White: vs. Brownwood Thursday Home 5pm, Purple: still searching

Friday B Day: Varsity vs. Junction

Saturday: UIL Regional Band Contest


Looking Ahead to Next Week's Homecoming Dress Up Days:

Monday: Make yourself at home; pajamas

Tuesday: Homie Day: Dress like your best friend or twinsies

Wednesday: Home Team Sports; wear team apparel

Thursday: Home Away From Home; dress in your favorite vacation spot clothes

Friday: Home Sweet Home; purple out!


Girls Varsity Individual Results:  Presley Anastas 5th 13:13; Ana Segura 6th 13:15; Peyton Anastas 15th 13:52; Alex Row 18th 14:55; Graci Weber 20th 15:24;  Sydney Anderson 21st 15:30; Isis Martinez 22nd 16:07;  


Girls Varsity Team Standings:  San Saba 31, Harper 38, Mason 63.


Boys Varsity Individual Results:  Riley Potts 6th 19:48;  Colby Brown 16th 23:06; Zach Smart 17th 23:20; Carlos Watson 18th 23:59;  James Potts 18th 24:24;


Boys Varsity Team Standings:  Harper 26, San Saba 39, Mason 72, Junction 89.


Girls JV Individual Results:  Ariana Adams 10th 16:42; Courtney Hanscheck 12th 17:25; Tessa Guice 13th 17:28; Allie Guice 14th 17:49; Jesse Armstrong 15th 18:10; Ruby Magnus 17th 19:03; Kaeli Hooten 18th 19:33;  


Girls JV Team Standings:  Harper 15, Mason 50.


White: vs. Kermit @ Iraan 6:15pm. WIN

Purple: vs. Stamford @ Coleman 6:15pm. WIN

Varsity vs. Brackett WIN 49-0