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5th Grade Band

This year our 5th grade band will all be in one class.  Ideally we like to have them split up but that didn't work with the schedule this year.  We will spend the first semester learning how to read music, music theory, and how to play recorder.  We will also test your child on what instrument would be best for them.  More information about this will be sent home when we get ready to start.  The 2nd semester will be spent teaching them how to play an instrument.  We will work towards our performance at the Spring concert. If you have any questions please contact us. or or call 325-347-1122 ext 227.
5th Grade Main Objectives: 
Understand and execute different music theory concepts.
Know the difference between beat and rhythm.
Have the ability to complete a note/rest pyramid.
Know names of lines and spaces on a treble clef staff.
Sight sing new melodic lines.
Be able to count, clap and analyze rhythms.
Build performance skills on recorder.