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Special Ed Program » Spelling Assistance

Spelling Assistance

Spelling Assistance: Must receive special ed or 504 services, routinely, independently, and effectively use this accommodation during instruction and testing and is capable of organizing and developing ideas and understands the basic function and use of written language conventions (e.g., sentence structures, irregular verbs) but has a disability that is so severe that he or she cannot apply basic spelling rules or word patterns (e.g., silent letters, base words with affixes) to written responses.

This accommodation may include ONLY: frequently misspelled word list (e.g., student-made, teacher-made, commercially produced), spell check function on a word processor, pocket spellchecker, word-prediction software, text-to-speech software or devices (i.e., software or devices that read aloud student-generated text) or speech-to-text software (i.e., software that converts the student’s spoken language into print)