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Implementing Accommodations

  • Step 1:  Expect student with accommodations to achieve grade-level content standards.
  • Step 2:  Use targeted accommodations consistently to support student with diverse needs.
  • Step 3:  Administer accommodations routinely during both instructions and assessment.
  • Step 4:  Document and evaluate the effectiveness of accommodations.
  • Step 5:  Plan time for teacher collaboration across content areas to share successes.


Routinely: The student should routinely receive the accommodation during classroom instruction and testing. The student has used the accommodation often enough that he or she is comfortable using it on the day of the state assessment. This does not necessarily mean that the accommodation must be used every day during instruction.

Independently: The student should be able to use the accommodation independently, when applicable, during the state assessment. For accommodations where independence is applicable, there should be no need for teacher assistance when using the accommodation.

Effectively: Educators should collect and analyze data pertaining to the use and effectiveness of accommodations (e.g., assignment/test scores with and without the accommodation, observational reports). This data will show whether the student still needs the accommodation or whether it is now unnecessary.



  • Know the student! Has the student indicated preference in using an accommodation? Does the student need/use the same accommodations for class work as they do on class assessments?
  • Have you received the student's current IEP (accommodations, modifications, BIP, etc.)?
  • Plan time to teach the student how to use new accommodations.
  • Don't give up after only a few attempts.
  • Provide some accommodations to all students (ex. highlighters, place markers, choices, etc.).
  • Have all the required IEP accommodations been implemented with fidelity?
  • Set aside time to evaluate accommodation use and strategize for student success.