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Accommodation and Modification Teacher Resources

Documentation and Resources

  • Educators should collect and analyze data pertaining to the use and effectiveness of accommodations (e.g., assignment/test scores with and without the accommodation, observational reports). This data will show whether the student still needs the accommodation or whether it is now unnecessary. The Accommodation Monitoring Form is a tool that can be used to collect data on the accommodation use and effectiveness. Accommodation Monitoring Form:
  • Prior to ARD meetings and/or at the end of the school year data is collected from teachers. Teachers report what accommodations (data driven) were used or needed by students on an individualized basis. These accommodations are routinely used in instruction. Caution is advised as some accommodations can become modifications if content is changed. Only students identified as Special Ed may receive modifications. General Ed students in the RtI process or 504 may only receive accommodations. The form used by Mason ISD is visible below. It is not an exhaustive list of accommodations but it is closely aligned with STAAR. Keep in mind some accommodations are acceptable and necessary for instruction but are not allowed on state assessments.