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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Look here for information and links

to help you pay for college!

Quick Links


FAFSA Forecaster

  • Go to the FAFSA website where there is a financial aid forecaster. This site uses last year's federal income tax information to give you an estimate on your expected family contribution (EFC). 


Fill out the FAFSA!

  • First, apply for you PIN. You can do this any time, and it only take a few minutes. One word of caution. Put this information in a safe place and DON'T LOSE IT!

  • If you have already created a PIN for an older brother or sister of your senior, you must use the same PIN. If you don't remember it or can't find it, you will have to go through the hassle of getting a new one. Start now.


  • Fill out the FAFSA as soon after Janurary 1st as possible. You might want to alert your tax preparer that you have a high school senior and that you will need to have your tax returns finished as soon as you can.

College For All Texans

  • By visiting this website, you’re just a few clicks from everything you need to select the Texas university, college, junior college or technical school that’s best for you. And you’ll find tools here that will help you plan everything in detail. You can even fill out an application for the college you choose and apply for financial aid. So relax, take a deep breath, and get started. Good luck!


Money for College!

Scholarship & Financial Aid Information

at your Fingertips! 

USDE Launches New Website for Planning and Preparing for College

  • inspiring videos of college students sharing their stories and experiences about how they overcame obstacles to achieve their college dreams; a design picked by students that has a non-government look-and-feel;

  • an interactive tool for students to create an "I'm going" personalized roadmap that details the steps to take to get to college; and content organized and presented in a way for students to easily find the answers to their higher education questions in three categories: why go, what to do, and how to pay.

Great News!

Two Texas universities have introduced new programs in which they will pay tuition and fees for students from families with a combined adjusted gross income of less than $40,000 per year. Click on the links below for more information.


Texas Tech

Angelo State University


Make sure you visit the financial aid websites for the colleges you are applying to!

  • Just google the name of the college + financial aid office, and you'll be directed right where you need to go.

Financial aid for undocumented students: